Record Label Services

Our Record Label Services

Record Productions

Capturing great performances is what audio recording is all about. At Magic Sound Records - Mexico we make sure we capture your best performance at the highest possible quality. Our specialized team of engineers, combined with our top of the line equipment will make sure that you won’t have to think about anything other than giving your best performance...

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Song & Music Production

Our professional studio recording services meet industry standards for sound treatment, recording equipment, engineering and musicianship. For each project, we hand-pick session musicians and the recording team from our talent pool whose playing style, feel and preferences best match your project needs...

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Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and mastering can be the most important parts of the recording process. It blends the elements of your songs together and boosts the level of your overall sonic picture. At Magic Sound Records - Mexico, we have skilled engineers that will achieve the upmost results at professional standards...

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Music Distribution

Sell your music with our Record Label name on: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, & Deezer! Get your music in 150+ stores around the world...

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Music Video Clips Productions

Music & video go together so naturally, it’s hard to imagine a time before music videos. Combining the pure joy of music with awe-inspiring visuals is something that’s both powerful and just down right cool...

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