Source Connect Services


Connecting studios, voiceover talent and Voice dubbing artists worldwide.

We work with the Souce Connect technology that simplifies the process of sound recording in real time from our studios in Mexico to any studio in the world.


Our audio production studios can be connected to recording studios all over the world. We do this via an internet-based broadcast-quality audio sharing resource called Source-Connect. With this amazing technology, an actor will sound as if he or she is standing in the same room as our producer.


What is audio receiving or sending through Source Connect?

Source Connect:

Is a industry-standard ISDN replacement with a deep feature-set for all your remote audio recording and monitoring needs. Portable, high-quality, secure. Record and monitor from anywhere in the world.

For about 20 years, recording studios have exchanged full duplex, stereo, CD-qualty audio in real time using ISDN lines. But, with telephone companies beginning to phase out this now "antiquated" service, the audio production industry began searching for an alternative... something to take the place of ISDN. Around 2005, a glimmer of hope popped up on the internet in the form of Source Connect, a web-based interface that could link computers from two remote locations in a duplex audio connection with very high quality signals.

Sending, recording and monitoring audio in Real-time ProTools remotely through Source Connect.

Through Source-Connect it’s as if we are all in the same room! The quality is just as good as if the actor was sitting in our booth. Not only does this save time, it can really save a client’s budget.

Source Connect services in Mexico to the world.


We use the industry standard ISDN replacement software, Source Connect, for all remote recording and monitoring requirements. With access to thousands of studios and talent worldwide, there is no barrier to your creative vision.

Get the best possible quality for your budget!. We offer competitive rates for your project and because we are sure you will have a great time recording at Magic Sound Records - Mexico, we offer our new clients 25% off their first session with us. So, what's holding you back? For more information contact us.
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