Mixing & Mastering


So you’ve finally finished producing and recording all the parts to your song.. Now, what’s next: mixing. In the mixing stage it’s all about taking all the separate elements of your song and get them to work together in a balanced mix.

What is Mixing and Mastering?


Mixing means to adjust every soundtrack on a song one by one. You can use EQ, compressors and different kinds of effects to create a certain sound. You can liken mixing with a chef that prepare all the ingredients for a meal, for example, you peel and chop the onion into the sizes that you want. Also, you need to make sure that the soundtracks blend together, not too much or less of every ingredient.


Mastering is a process where you adjust the sound and in this case a music recording that is already mixed. You use EQ, compression and noise reduction to prepare the song for a digital or analogue distribution. With the example above this means to cook the ingredients together and finish the meal, put it nicely on a plate. You also master the different songs so that they fit together on an eventual album. It involves adjusting the length of the silence between the tracks and to tag the songs with information such as ISRC-coding.

  • Inspection for distortion, clipping, digital clicks
  • Compression with top quality analogue compression
  • Corrective equalisation
  • Phase and mono compatibility check
  • Radio, Earphones, Car, Laptop and club compatibility check
  • Spatial enhancement
  • Limiting and loudness control
  • Sample rate conversion
  • Fading in and out


Whether you’re an artist, producer or brand, we make sure to cater to all your different needs. So if you need to have vocals mixed for one project, but a full song for the other, know you can always count on us.

Finished your song and need to have it mixed or mastering? After you've edited and tuned the song to your liking, contact us and we'll be happy to mix or mastering it for you.

Here you can listen to some audio samples of music we have either produced, recorded, mixed and mastering.

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