Audiovisual Services

Dubbing in Spanish

We see dubbing as the art of bringing your content to life for audiences in new territories, creating a new translated dub track that perfectly reflects the original...

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Source Connect

We work with the Souce Connect technology that simplifies the process of sound recording in real time from our studios in Mexico to any studio in the world...

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Audio Post-Production

Our recording studio services include sound design, final mix, foley, voiceover recording, dialogue editing & remote studio linkups via Source Connect sofware...

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Audio Restoration

Using an array of high-end processing tools and years of experience we can resurrect even the most “lost” audio recordings. Pops, clicks, crackles, mouth-noises, background noise, even the sound of the room itself can be reduced or removed to make the recording usable once more...

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T.V. & Films Productions

Magic Sound Records - Mexico is an independent production company capable of giving competitive, accessible and creative full production services for TV commercials, TV shows, feature films, stills photography, music videos and documentaries...

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Audiovisual Distribution

More information coming soon...

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